Our Story

Our owner/operator, Chris Van Jura, has been a member of the Hospitality Industry for nearly 20 years.

Over this time he has, on a daily basis, done what every Hospitalian does, which is put the attention and focus on the guest. During this time, he has relocated to the DMV, found love and started a family.

He has devoted hundreds of hours to the needs of others—and now, through the pandemic and two furloughs, he has made a choice: We’re getting into the Hot Dog business!

Hot Dog! Who wants a Hot Dog!?

All the way

Texas Chili Sauce, Brown Mustard, Raw Onions

The Dog House

Cheese Dog


Texas Chili Sauce & Cheese

The Capital Dog

Mambo sauce & raw onions

Lincoln Logs

Butterfly dog w/ big schmear
of cream Cheese

A La Rutts

Sweet or hot relish & Brown Mustard

Havin’ a Party?
We’ll Bring The DOgs!

Catalyst Hot Dogs specializes in classic New Jersey style Hot Dogs! We’ll bring the trailer to you, set up and sling dogs for your guests! Let us create a special hot dog just for you!!

Have Hot dogs, will travel!!

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